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Band Saw Blade Selection Guide

Raptor Cutting Tools is dedicated to bringing the best cutting blades to Canada. The wide range of product available allows us to Taylor fit a blade for a particular use.  Our ISO 9001;2000 Welding Centre employs the latest German technology and highly trained personnel to consistently put forth a quality product.  Raptor band saw blades for Wood are long lasting and of highest quality steel available. Raptor band saw blades for steel are of the most up to date technology available. Our Bi-Metal used to be electron Beam welded, now it is laser welded, producing a stronger blade. The teeth on all our larger format M42–M51 blades is now ground to provide a sharper more productive cutting blade.  Use the following pages to select the blade that fits the application and if you need further help do not hesitate to contact us.

7 Steps for successful Band Saw Operation in Metal


What is the Type of the material to be cut?


Match the material with a Blade Type

What is the thickness and shape of the material?

Choose the Blade Pitch and cutting angle

Which Blade is to be used?

Match the blade width with the machine specs.

How to order the blade?

Specify the Length, Width, Teeth Per Inch and cutting angle. Always order a backup blade.

How to Cut with The Blade?

See Page 17 for band saw operation and page 18 and 19 for feeds and speeds.

What if the cut is not satisfactory?

See pages 20 –21 for Trouble Shooting or call for Technical Help.