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About Us


Raptor Cutting Tools was established in 1982. The business evolved over the years to include: band saw blade welding and finishing, hole making products, thread forming products, and hand tools. The focus has always been on what the professional user needs.

We sell our products through distribution. We started with the industrial market, then included the construction sector and now we have moved into the HVAC and plumbing market. Our base is in the greater Toronto Canada area and we also have a warehouse in Calgary Alberta.

Quality Mission

Raptor Cutting Tools is committed to providing the highest quality products to meet the needs of our customers. Our principal focus is to continually improve the quality of our service, products that we import and our manufacturing practices. We have based our quality system on the ISO 9001: Quality Management system. We will achieve this improvement and enhance our customer’s satisfaction by providing timely and efficient service and products.

User Safety

Products sold by Raptor Cutting Tools are designed for professional use only. They are to be used by trained personnel, knowledgeable about the capabilities and limitations of such products. Improper or overuse of products can lead to failure and consequential injury. To be safe, always wear protective equipment including eye protection, hand protection, hearing protection and protective clothing, and job approved footwear. Keep hands clear of all moving cutting tools. Replace or sharpen dull tools. Use the correct tool for the job at hand.


Raptor Cutting Tools warrants products that it sells against defects in material, manufacturing and workmanship. Our liability, under warranty, expressed or implied, shall be limited to repair and replacement of defective parts. The final decision for product part replacement rest with the original manufacturer.

If you have a problem with a product and believe that is defective, please return it prepaid for a warranty inspection. Make sure to include the purchase date and invoice number from the seller. Upon inspection, we will issue a report of any action to be taken. If the product is deemed to be out of warranty, but can be repaired, we will quote a repair cost. If the product is under warranty, we will repair it. If the product is deemed to be out of warranty and non repairable, we will return it collect or dispose of it at the customers direction. If the product is repaired out of warranty it will be returned freight collect. If the repair is under warranty, the item will be returned freight prepaid. There is a limited time for warranty replacement. Products do wear out and need to be replaced. Breakage usually results from overuse, misuse, or the use of a product for which it was not intended.